Who are we ?

Alfonza Salamone

The common point in all that Alfonza has accomplished so far is undoubtedly curiosity, the will to learn and transmit. She first graduated as a translator and a conference interpretor. Then, thanks to a chance meeting, she became a radio host and a journalist in the two most famous belgian stations. 

At the same time, she developed a passion for jewelry that she practiced for ten years before discovering the world of professional kitchens learning to brew. 

Nowadays, she runs the family business, developping the brands she created.

David Vandenbroucke

Observing the child he was, one could easily have guessed that little David was bound to become a heritage specialist. His playground was regularly transformed in a medieval battlefield, a shipyard or a comic strip. 

He graduated as an architect in 1993 and then kept on learning heritage preservation until he obtained a postgraduate diploma with honor in 2003. Eversince, he has worked on major monument as the Waux Hall of Brussels or the canopy of the tourist well known Galeries Saint Hubert in Brussels.

Nowadays, he is a teacher at the University of Louvain-la-Neuve and works as a heritage consultant.

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Where are we ?

Belcydonia is located in the Belgian province of Hainaut, in a high quality industrial area with easy access from the main roads, halfway between Brussels and Lille.

We have chosen the Ghislenghien industrial park for its location in the middle of a slow food area and for its environmental commitment.